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Text Permissions:Useful Information 

Please remember that the permission seeking process can take many months so it is advisable to make enquiries as early in the publishing process as possible. We are dependent on responses from copyright holders, so please allow a good amount of time before publication to give flexibility for items to be replaced  should rights holder fees be prohibitive or permission declined. Please also ensure that  your authors keep detailed notes of their sources as they find them, saving lots of time (and angst) later on in the process when time and authors’ patience is at a premium!

Do refer to me at writing stage if authors are unsure about the suitability of a source.

Text permissions; a guide to the information authors should supply


Title, author, ISBN, publisher, date of publication/edition, page numbers (where extract appears in the original source), number of words.

Is the extract adapted or straight re-use?


Precise url of the material (not just a link to the home page),number of words. 

A screen grab of the material and contact page (in case the website becomes unavailable by the time I am asked to seek permission)

Is the extract adapted or straight re-use?


Title, publisher, year/month/edition, title and author of article, number of words.

Is the extract adapted or straight re-use?

Text permissions; a guide to the information editors should supply

(Please note that most book publishers will require a print run on which to base their quote and are unwilling to grant blanket rights):

  • Full title of your publication
  • Author's name
  • List of components and their formats (eg Teacher's Guide, eBook)
  • Page extent and price (of each component)
  • ISBN of your publication
  • Territories and languages (eg WEL/WAL)
  • Publication date
  • Short ’blurb’ about your publication and/or template permission request letter if you have a preferred format.
  • The print run for hard copy components
  • Number of users anticipated for eBook and online components
  • The url for online components
  • Your budget for the text permission fees
  • Details for submission and payment of rights holder invoices.
  • The date acknowledgements will need to be supplied

Please also send your manuscript/proofs (via Dropbox ideally)

If you need me to assess the material (ie compare the excerpts to your author’s texts to decide if permission is required), please supply the source text and your author’s text together in one Word document.

Paperwork is no longer supplied in hard copy format. At the end of your project I will send all documentation digitally (pdf).


About Sarah

For ten years I have enjoyed a busy career as a freelance Permissions Editor and Picture Researcher for a number of highly regarded educational publishers. Publications range from Primary Reading Schemes such as ‘Penguin Readers’ and 'Floppy's Phonics' to ELT, EFT, Schools (Edexcel and AQA publications) and Vocational titles in printed and electronic / on-line form. I have a reputation for efficient and accurate productivity and my knowledge of copyright law is extensive and pragmatic.

I have built strong relationships with picture libraries and rights syndicators in the UK and abroad, am accustomed to working to tight budgets and an effective negotiator. During this time I have experienced rapid changes within the publishing industry as it moves away from printed formats towards electronic media. I am consistently busy, managing many projects at any one time. Recent projects include versions for China, Poland, the Caribbean and the Middle East.

I am proud of the service I deliver to my customers and the relationship I have with my suppliers.


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